Friday, November 28, 2014

A Lot Can Happen In 8 Months

Part 1

March 2014 I woke up to myself. I was 167.9 kg and I was Miserable!
I was trying to figure out why and how I got myself to this miserable state. I had no emotional reason. I was in a loving stable relationship,  I guess I just got too happy or too comfortable and forgot to care. 
I ate the wrong foods, way to much of them and way to often than anyone living on this planet ever should.
I didn't exercise at all unless you count getting out of the car to buy Fish and Chips because there wasn't a drive through available. 
None of my cloths fit at all, I was wearing sacks for clothing, the daggiest T shirts and anything with a stretchy waste.
Deep down I knew I was not happy, I was not healthy and I knew I was slowly killing myself.

Enough was enough. I made an appointment with my local GP. He asked all the embarrassing questions, weighed and measured me. He hit me with the honest truth. Although I was aware of what I was doing to myself, somehow hearing it from him really hit me hard. He first suggested that I would be a good candidate for Gastric Banding surgery, he also suggested that I go on a course of drugs called Duromine [Duromine is used to reduce body weight in obese or overweight patient] To both I refused. For some reason I had it stuck in my head that I wanted to do this naturally.   
My GP was flexible and agreed to start me on the  Queensland GET HEALTHY
program. It is a government endorsed program which offers patients to 5 Free Consults to your choice of Nutritionist and Exercise physiologist a break down of what ever you prefer. I had chosen 4 Visits with a Nutritionist  and 1 with the Exercise physiologist.

With my referrals in hand
I had decided to hold off on the exercise part of the program as I felt I was not quite ready for that form of humiliation. So I made my appointment with the Nutritionist.
Michael Lawler from Eat me Nutrition []
1 week later I met with Michael, who was nothing like I had imagined. I had invisioned some scary man in his late 50's telling me to just eat carrot sticks and celery. Boy was I shocked, Michael was young and down to earth, looked at me with a solution, not an accusation. Worked with me and developed a plan based on what I liked. Gave me the ground rules and negotiated CHOCOLATE into my plan on the condition that I walked every day. If I didn't go for a walk, no chocolate on that day. 

 To be continued.......